100 Words - No Honor

More Snow in the Forecast

At least where I am, and it's bordering on ridiculous. In my state there have been 139 roof collapses or "other related incidents" - whatever that means. 140 if you count our un-reported chimney collapse. We had gotten used to the daily avalanches sliding off the roof, but yesterday the usual rumble seemed a little louder than usual. My daughter and I put on the snow-shoes and walked around to the back of the house where we found a pile of rubble - brick and metal.

Inside we had a small leak, and it being Super Bowl Sunday there was nothing to do but put a bucket under the leak and wait for Monday. Things are buttoned up for now, and the forecast is only for a couple of inches.

My pick for last week's prompt of HONOR is Michael's piece - so terrifyingly sad.

He watched Keifer Sutherland spit the words out in a thick Southern drawl.

"He died because he had no ON-NAAH."

Was that true, he wondered? Did you die from having no honor, from not having a set of maxims to live by?

Did you die because you sat in a tiny apartment, letting the phone ring, letting the mail pile up, drinking water from the faucet? He stared at the TV, playing the same old movie.

Did you die from having no rules, or from having too many?

He thought about that question, listening for pounding fists on the door.

Nearest book to me is a business book called The Dragonfly Effect. And the word my finger landed on?