100 Words - From the Trenches of the Snowpocalypse

Snow, snow, snow, blah blah blah.

I feel like a broken record, but it just keeps snowing. AND, I still love it. Now if only the Internet would go down - not in the Egypt way, just in a too much snow kind of way - I could actually take a snow day. It's a delicious thought - to be snowed in, kept from work by Mother Nature, the whole visible world silent and white. To sit by the fire with and do nothing but read for hours on end until the plows and electricians and cable-men/women bring the noise and urgency back.


I was tickled to see Gabriel Gadfly on the 100 Word party list this week, and he didn't disappoint:


There is nothing harmless about inertia.

Inertia is doing all I can

to keep from crashing into you,

and crashing into you anyway.

It is pouring love like cement

into a sidewalk crack that won't fill up.

It is being rooted to the spot,

unable to grasp you hand,

when I ought to grasp it.

It is words spilling out when I ought to stifle them

and words not said when I ought to say to say them.

It is being unable to love an unfilled crack.

There is nothing harmless about inertia.

Bodies in motion stay in motion.

Bodies at rest stay at rest.

Be sure to check the original out on his blog, since mine is being stubborn about formatting. Just wish his blog allowed comments. Speaking of blogs allowing comments, if I haven't commented on yours it means I don't have a Google account so I can't comment.

The prompt this week is from a 1914 essay by Alice Meynell titled, Mrs. Johnson.


And English literature has had no better phrase for her than Macaulay's--"She accepted, with a readiness which did her little honour, the addresses of a suitor who might have been her son."

*Admin Stuff - Have you noticed how a lot of things on the Internet that used to be free are no longer free? I guess people are finally realizing that they can't keep working for nothing. Case in point, the LinkyTools I use for this blog is moving to a paid subscription, and I can totally sympathize with the guy. It's a  great tool, so I'm going to pay for it.