100 Words - It Started Out Swell

I'll tell you all about my Christmasaganza in Florida a little later. Sorry for the black-out, I expected to have better internet and computer access but between visiting family, holiday activities, helping to cook for a small army, and then being in a hotel without free wi-fi (I know, right? Soooooo 2008!) I didn't get to blog or tweet or Facebook, or even email.

Yes, it was weird. But it was also, dare I say it, refreshing to step away and unplug.

Before I left I had already chosen my pick of the week, the steadfast LouCeel. May you never have to have this conversation with someone you love.

It started out as a quiet conversation. A planning session. They were going to a reception and it was going to be out of town and they needed to talk about where they'd stay and what they would gift and all sorts of things. But slowly the tenor of the conversation turned. There was something bothering her and he knew it. He became more insistent and she became more resistant, and the more he pushed, the more she pushed back, until finally, she told him she was worried and concerned; that when he drank he didn't know how to act.

And since I'm currently geeking out on a few neuroscience books, I'm going to break with tradition and not pick from a book this week. Instead, in celebration of the holidays, drop and give me 100 on: