100 Words - These Boots...

The night before last as I was trying to fall asleep, I wrote about 4 entries in my head for this past week's 100 word challenge, UNSEEMLY. Too bad I couldn't recall them the next morning. Or rather, I could, but not in the same perfect way they had written themselves in my head. Shame.

Good thing someone else wrote something that blew me back. You MUST be sick of Thanksgiving leftovers by now, so feast on these 100 words from Slouchy.

His daughter eyed him. His lips pursed, even now. Pursed in perpetuity, she thought, and snorted. She stuck out her tongue and waggled it near his face. Her tongue stud caught the waning afternoon light and began a shimmery dance up and down her father's best suit. "There," she crooned. "The wedding you wanted." She whirled around. The mortician jumped. "I'm done," she said. She strode into the hallway, past her broken mother busily cradling her broken life. Outside, she sailed down the steps. "You're right!," she shouted at the car that held her patient lover. "These are kick-ass boots!"

I finished reading the novel from last week (it was good by the way), so now I'm onto Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway. It's coming to theaters December 10th. Mena Suvari in this role looks remarkably similar to the wife of an old friend of mine which is, you know, weird in that oh-my-god-she-looks-just-like-someone-I-kind-of-know way.

The word for this week is


Did NOT see that one coming did you? It's from the very beginning of chapter six.

"The waiter brought them glasses of manzanilla from the lowland near Cadiz called the Marismas with thin slices of jamon serrano, a smoky hard cured ham from pigs that fed on acorns, and bright red spicy salchichon, another even spicier dark sausage from a town called Vich and anchovies and garlic olives."