100 Words - Morning Shadows

I don't usually get writer's block when it comes to 100 word posts, but for some reason I've written about 15 starter sentences for this post, every single one unsatisfactory.

Maybe it's because I'm being tortured by my daughter watching Gossip Girls in the background which is sucking the air out of my creativity and filling me with even more disdain for high society than I previously had.

There we are. Let's skip the writer's block and move straight to my pick of the week from Je Peux Parler.

The Shadows Have Nowhere to Go

When I wake, I see that the sun isn't up quite yet. It's the perfect moment of morning when the world is blue and the streets are quiet. I see the orange twinge of light breaking through the curtains and I feel the warm safety of light spreading from my heart outward, to my hands and fingers, and I savor the few moments of peace that come while the world around me sleeps. The harsh light of day reveals the poverty of the neighborhood around me and the everyday struggle of living. But for now, I remain motionless and blue.

P.S. Je Peux Parler, I can't leave comments on your posts because you only have options for Blogger sign-in or OpenID, neither of which I have. And while we're on the topic of comments, I also couldn't leave a comment on From Caregiver to Motherhood which seemed like a glitch. When I clicked on "post comment" nothing happened. Also on the topic of comments, I noticed that there were few comments on participants' entries and I want to encourage you to share the comment love and be supportive of your fellow word-nerds. Think of all the good writer karma you build when you support your fellow writers!

This week's prompt comes from Sigmund Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle. I need to engage in informed debate with The Boyfriend and I haven't read Freud since I was 13. Imagine, by coincidence, the random word turns out to be: