National Novel Writing Month - Let the Hair Pulling Commence

Last year I decided it was time to hop on board with the writing madness that descends across the land every November, which someone declared as National Novel Writing Month. I don't know why I decided that "catching a fever" was such a good idea, but it didn't matter anyway. After a week and a half my hard-drive crashed and wiped out 80% of my novel (people, back-up) and all I had to show for it was poor posture, dry eyes, and a NaNoWriMo progress bar that would taunt me while my laptop traveled to mysterious dark places for repair. But how cool is that? That some average Joe just decided on a national crazy-month? Can I do that?

Let me try.

I declare January to be National Jujubee Month! Where everyone across the land gathers together with strangers to have Jujubee wars and make themselves sick and neglect their real friends and family because they just feel the need to work themselves into a frothful frenzy for no reason at all! There will be no end product, no fame, no fortune -- just bald spots and divorce papers. Sign up and we'll give you a nifty profile with a progress bar, and if you eat fifty thousand jujubees before the end of January, you get...NOTHING!  WHEEEEE!

Think it won't work? You just wait until January rolls around. Then we'll know who wears the pants on this blog, won't we?

By the way, it wasn't an average Joe, it was an average Chris. I Wikipedia'd that ya'll. And Chris admits there was no good reason for NaNoWriMo (unless you count that he and his friends thought it might help them get girls...isn't that always the reason?)

"The very first NaNoWriMo took place in July, 1999, in the San Francisco Bay Area. That first year there were 21 of us, and our July noveling binge had little to do with any ambitions we might have harbored on the literary front. Nor did it reflect any hopes we had about tapping more fully into our creative selves. No, we wanted to write novels for the same dumb reasons twentysomethings start bands. Because we wanted to make noise. Because we didn't have anything better to do. And because we thought that, as novelists, we would have an easier time getting dates than we did as non-novelists."

You see? It's total madness. It's bat-shit insane.

And you should totally do it with me.