100 Words - Kill and Purr

Since I've moved (remember that? I moved.) I've been enjoying the simple pleasures of  homemaking.

Hang on. Homemaking? Isn't there a better term for that? One that's not all wrapped up in antiquated ideals?  Domestic arts? Hip home stylin's?

I don't know. Point is that right now I'm sitting by the huge Rumford fireplace with my L'apple (that's what I affectionately call my Mac laptop), satisfactorily full -- but not TOO full -- of delicious homemade foods, surrounded by my beautiful things and I feel...happy. Content. At peace.

It's been a long time since I've felt that way. So pardon me for a moment while I bask in it.

My pick for this week is from Evanstarwen. Loved the creative twist here. And let me just say, there were some other really awesome pieces as well, and I'm trying to spread the love around.

Killer in the Night

He prowled in the woods, all soundless precision and deadly intent. His keen eyes dismissed the darkness as a non-hindrance, while his sharp hearing tuned out irrelevant sounds to track the music he lived for: that panicked, frantic thrumming of a heart that recognized lethal pursuit. Fear. Ah.Exhilarating.

Almost there, within striking distance. His victim whimpered, terrified. He silently unsheathed his weapons.


Afterwards, he walked up to the cottage, calling to the woman inside. The door opened, revealing him as he stood in the light.

“There’s my baby,” she cooed, reaching for him.

“Meow,” he replied, purring contentedly.

Still no time for pleasure reading, but I am clearing the deck for National Novel Writing Month. So I grabbed one of our antique books off the shelf. This week's prompt is from Memories and Vagaries by Axel Munthe, published in 1930. This edition was limited to 500 numbered copies, and this copy has the handwritten number 338. I love old books.

And because I can't help myself, here is a little excerpt from chapter VIII.

"They say that love for mankind is the highest of all virtues.  I admire this love for mankind, and I know well that it is an attribute of noble minds. My soul is too small, my thoughts fly too near the earth ever to reach so far, and I am obliged to acknowledge that the longer I live the farther I depart from this high ideal.  I should lie if I said that I love mankind."

The word is:


P.S. I've gotten a couple of comments that say some of you are having difficulty knowing which post to put your link on for the current challenge. Or having difficulty finding the current post when you come back. To make it easier I've done two things.

1. I've made the "What's the Word" box a clickable link.

2. I've added "Current Prompt" to the menu at the top.

Here's a visual aid (click for larger image).

Screen shot of Velvet Verbosity