100 Words - Greater Love

After just coming back from watching the new Wall Street movie, seeing on the big screen greed run rampant and (small spoiler alert) a suicide over the loss of money, I was primed to be moved by Dad at the Chalkboard's piece on Greater.

A Choice

He stands at the edge of the cliff, the exposed toes of his bare feet hinging out over the edge.

He visualizes the jump, feels the rush of the wind, hears its roar as he gives himself fully to the thrill of gravity's pull, to the embrace of the jagged rocks below.

He sees the darkness.

Eternal peace.

Complete silence.

Oblivion's beautiful nothingness.

He starts to lean forward, to set the end in motion.

He sees her face, a mask of sorrow, a single tear, and he draws back.

Turns away.

Love's pull is greater, it seems, than despair's fire.

Next up is a word from The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain.