100 Words - Baby, You've Still Got It

I hope wherever you are the weather is as stunningly beautiful as it has been here these last couple of days. Nearly perfect early Autumn with warm sunny days and cool nights. We actually went to the beach yesterday! I've never been to the ocean in New England in September. Oh what a lark! Oh what a joy! The waves came up like huge, tumbling mountain ranges and made a terrific thundering noise. This week's pick is from Patti. Maybe it's because I just turned 40, but I kept thinking about this little piece throughout the day and chuckling at the image.

It’s been a while, but tonight Gloria’s feeling pretty good. She plans to head over to McNamara’s for a tipple of sherry.

Sitting on the stool in front of her dressing table, she turns her head this way and that, admiring her image in the mirror. After tucking a few errant hairs into the clasp at the nape of her neck, she reaches for the jar of color in front of her. She carefully smoothes a dollop of Silver Pink Minx over her lips.

Gloria flashes a sexy little pout at her image.

Looking good, baby. You’ve still got it!

From the archives of obscure books, I bring you a word from The Book of the Courtier written in 1516 by Baldesar Castiglione.