100 Words - On Writing

Lots of big changes in my life as of late. A recent move and crossing the four decade line. I'm settling into my new digs, today I'm going to the spa (a birthday present) to get my hair done and wash away the refugee dust of packing, moving, unpacking, and purging, and I'm finding my rhythm again.

The pick of the week was HARD! I can see the transformation and inspiration in your writing as you all get comfortable with the 100 word rhythm. There were so many really good pieces this week and I hope you all have taken a browse-through.  It's worth it! What I settled on was Life In Balance's piece on the writing process and finding her voice. I thought it appropriate for us word-nerds.

Blank Screen

I stare at the blank screen, waiting for my other voice to rise.  The voice that emerges only on the page, through the tap tap tap of the keyboard.  Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the blank page will be my host for the evening, graciously letting me perform.  A concert of letters will swirl up and eventually settle.  In some form, in some way, a story will be told.  But for a moment, it’s quiet as the possibilities bubble.  The stories are everywhere.  The characters abound.  Which ones will choose me tonight? Fingers on home row, I wait.

I'm a little rushed, so let me just get right to the new prompt. From the book The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat: