100 Words - Hushing Lullabies

It has been a long time since I've moved, and I had forgotten just how much work it is! Particularly since I'm only moving one town over and decided to be frugal and put in my own sweat labor. But I will have a Rumford fireplace to sit by this winter while I write and that image carries me through.

My pick of the week is Mr. Gabriel Gadfly, a poet, who wrote this heart-wrenching piece.

Life Support A heart cannot pull away from its veins. At the corridor’s end, one step shy of snapping the arteries that bind me to you, I turn and flee to your bedside, my fearful heart beating its fists on the white doors of your room, as if it might find them locked and barred, but they open, they still accept me, you still sleep, dreaming to the hushing lullabies of your respirator. Your hand is warm and I imagine your fingers curl, just a little, around mine. I’ll stay here until you wake up. I’ll stay here until you wake up.

I would highly recommend you spend some time on his site browsing his other poetry.

The prompt this week is from "The Children's Book" by my favorite author, A.S. Byatt.