100 Words - Bliss and the Souffle

Some weeks one piece will just jump out and grab me by the front of the shirt as if to say, "you and me? we belong together, got it?". And then some weeks are like this one where as I read through the entries I find myself giggling, or nodding, or sitting back in my chair to think, or swept off into a vivid scene.  How to choose then?

That's when it comes down to mood and setting. It's raining here this morning -- a chilly rain. Summer is dying and already I'm longing for a crackling fire and comfort foods. Meet Bliss and the souffle.

Such Great Heights

She beats eggs until they billow above the lip of her bowl. They form shiny, stiff peaks.

A chocolate custard, smooth, thick, voluptuous, bubbles on the stove.

She gently folds them together, until the white disappears.

Lovingly spoons the mixture into a ridged, round dish, capped with a parchment crown.

Slides it into the oven.

Waits. Glides quietly through the house. Hums to Chopin on the radio.

Opens the oven door and spies a lift so high, it rises above the parchment.

Giddy, she removes the souffle: Airy. Light.

Within moments, it falls. And sinks. And slumps: Dense. Heavy.


I can't wait to be in the kitchen baking.

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This week's word is from Topology of a Phantom City by Alain Robbe-Grillet.