100 Words Comes Home

As some of you know, the steadfast LCeel has been guardian of the 100 Word Challenge in my absence.  Last week he chose the word WORTHLESS from a book, and he's passed the pick of the week back over to me.

And I just  want to pause for a moment.  Make something clear.

There are no "winners" for this challenge. When I go through and I read your 100 words on a topic, I'm not looking for best grammar, or best writing. What I choose is based on whatever strikes me, speaks to my heart (or head) that particular week, and more often than not, what I choose just serendipitously collides with something in me.

So when you write, do so from the heart and from the gut. Not for me. Not to win. Because that's what this is about.

What spoke to me this week? From "Write in Amazement":

"Where’d you get this?" he asked turning the filthy cross over in his hands. "Jist worthless junk."

The girl reached out for the tarnished relic. "It's mine."

"You messin' in the alley, girlie?"

"I found it in the trash."

"Well it ain’t yers and we don’t need no more garbage in here," he said dropping her treasure to the floor.

Twenty years later she perched on the edge of the chair as the man peered over his glasses at her while cradling the piece as if it were the Mona Lisa. "Where did you get this? It could be priceless."

I've experienced that. Having someone rain all over my discovered treasure parade for no other reason than that person is unhappy and has gotten all twisted up in such a way that they only want to destroy any hope. Keep your treasures folks.

This week's word is the product of my packing for a move. One thing I've got more than enough of is books, and at this moment there are piles and boxes of them waiting for transport. Remember that classic, "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? That one was at the top of a pile closest to me. The "I-borrowed-this-book-ages-ago-and-it's-high-time-I-returned-it" pile.

The word is:


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