100 Words - Magical and Delicious

Let me say that I cannot thank Lou nearly enough for being Gaurdian ad Litem to the 100 Word Challenge all that long while I was away. Seriously, you don't even know how supportive he's been. Some day I'll get to give him a big ole' hug in person.  I'd promise to send him a gift by post, but I'm allergic to the Post Office - apparently.

Anyway, the new digs are looking good, don't you think? Yes, the header is bugging the hell out of me (I'm not a perfectionist - shut up!) and I still don't know how I'm ever going to resolve finding a way to post without an image. Those details aside - even if they DO keep me up at night - it's time to bring the 100 Word Challenge back home. As of Monday, August 16th, the 100 Word Challenge will be back under way here at Velvet Verbosity.

AND -- are you ready for this?  I've created a...wait for it...wait for it...

I've created a FACEBOOK page for 100 Words!  I know, right?  Crazy.  But in my line of work I already manage a couple other Facebook pages, and it's a lot easier for me to stay on top of that then it can sometimes be to manage a blog.  AND, I'm really excited about the possibility of opening the challenge up to non-bloggers.  I know it's shocking, but not everyone has a blog (here, breathe into this bag).

I hope you'll help the cause by clicking the old "Like" button and passing it on to your writery friends.

With love,


(awwww, remember my old signature?  I need to make a new one.  Sigh, so much work.)