Tinkering and Mulling

Ok, so I love this theme overall, but there are problems that are making me unsure if I will keep it.  Here's what I'm wrestling with behind the scenes.

  • My old header won't work with this theme, and...
  • What size header the theme will accept seems completely nonsensical.  I'm sure there's a magic height and width and once I figure that out I'll worry about investing time in creating something that actually, you know, looks nice.
  • The theme is designed to display photography, which I like, but...the theme is designed to display photography, not posts on 100 words, or posts without an image. If I don't include an image, it displays all funky and unattractive on the home page.  Oy vey.
  • Same but different, I'm also trying to figure out what to do when I want to write a post that isn't associated with a photo I've taken.  Like word portraits, for which I had previously used others' artwork.  Word portraits just won't work with any photo I could take.  They are usually about strangers so I can't get a photo of them, and also don't want to. The point of the word portraits is to paint an image of someone with words.  Yet, to use someone else's artwork when the site displays images so prominently seems like it could easily be mistaken for trying to steal credit.
  • I am baffled, BAFFLED by the organization on the home page.  As an example, I set the category of "The City" to "Places" and yet it's displaying it under the category...oh wait, I just realized what's going on there.  Never mind.

So, that's what I'm wrestling with.  I've set up the 100 Words instruction page, and as soon as I figure out just a couple more things, we'll move 100 words back over here.

See you soon!