100 Words #422 - Graceful

I was gone for two weeks, and needed nearly a full week to recover.  Traveling between three countries and six cities in two weeks - let's just say, it ain't for sissies. I've got the blisters and the jet lag to prove it. All I wanted to do after this "vacation" was to curl up in bed for a good solid week of "staycation". 

Devil in the White City

Just before the very last leg of our journey - a train from New York City back home - as I prepared mentally for the familiar but distant responsibilities of home and work, I bought this book, Devil in the White City, and another by the same author for Mr. Verbosity so we could read together on the train. Once home, I knew I could fold into bed with it, excusing myself from unpacking on the spine of a good tale. 

Devil in the White City details the making of the Chicago's World Fair and a serial killer who used the fair as both cover and hunting grounds. It claims to be history that reads like a novel. That description stretches a little, I think, but for those interested in history, it does entertain while filling the mind with all sorts of interesting trivia about famous architects, their inventions, the study of the criminal mind, and the politics and manners of Chicago in the late 1800's. 

Have you read it? Let me know what you thought of it in comments. If you haven't read it, check it out. And when you're ready to write your 100 Words, scroll down and add your link. The word prompt is: 

100 Word Challenge #422