Someday I'll be satisfied that I've written the perfect bio page. In the meantime I'll just keep rewriting it.

I'm a writer in the way that it's what I find myself doing naturally. At work, in my spare time, and on rare occasions for publication (about 50/50 between technical writing for industry magazines and journalism "lite"). As a child I wrote "books" complete with illustrations, but since I was a child and my books weren't nearly as good as the books I loved, I figured my career as a writer was doomed before it began.

That kind of thinking chased me through high school, college, a marriage and two children, a divorce, and the beginning of my blogging career. This matters for two reasons.

1. In spite of some teachers, professors, friends, and family members telling me I "should write for a living", I didn't believe I was good enough (that whole childhood thought chasing me thing). What someone should have told me was that I should practice and study and study and practice writing. That childhood mentality of "you either have it or you don't" kept me from setting down to learn the craft.

2. In spite of my never setting down to learn the craft, I never could stop myself from writing. I think in sentences and my head fills up with them. Before there was an "online", before there were blogs, I just filled notebooks and scraps of paper. Not all of this was journal type writing, much of it was theories, the skeletons of essays, random sentences, notes, and even bits of poetry - horribly bad poetry. Having academically developed my analytical and scientific mind I found myself writing naturally about such topics at work, for clients, and sometimes for the public in magazines and online publications. What I'm getting to here is that when someone hasn't intentionally made "writer" their profession and craft, but they think in sentences and write nearly as much as they breathe, of course they will have a blog. Exhibit A.

So what is this blog about?

I don't write everything here. Not even most everything. Here is where I share with a community of other writers, whatever their level, with a weekly writing prompt challenge completed in 100 words. I guess it's my way of encouraging that inner child in others who needed to hear, "learn the craft". 

The rest of what's here is random but all tied to a love of reading and writing. An appreciation of the craft of storytelling - through art, the binding of a book, the words written inside, the spoken word, and so on.

That thing, that enduring bond we have to the story.

In a nutshell?

Inventor of Geeky-Sexy, writer of words, protector of the 100 Word Challenge, photography dabbler. Like Joni Mitchell says, "I'm a woman of heart and mind". Here you will find little pieces of both.