100 Words #352

100 Word Challenge writing promptDid you miss me? I hope someone missed me last week. I was on the road, but thought I would still be able to post. However, the morning of the beginning of my trip my laptop was dropped (face-palm). In the end it was all ok, except for the ginormous dent in the casing around the screen. I'm one of those crazy Mac people who loves the way my Apple looks, not just what it can do for me, so I still get a little queazy when I look at the dent.

And then it was all baby blessings and visiting friends and hanging out with my daughter and before I knew it the week was half gone. This is my long way of apologizing for flaking out last week without a heads up.

Clone please!

Just before I left I unpacked all my antique and vintage books. You'll soon be seeing the vintage books on Etsy, and the antique books on Ebay. I love every one of them and can't wait to tell you the stories about them.

Antique books

Skippy Illustration

I love the elegance of this simple sketch illustration. By the way, I've photographed a lot of things in my time. It turns out trying to photograph the page of a book has proven to be quite a challenge. The pages don't lie flat so you get shadows and blurring etc, etc. Still experimenting and may look into scanning, though I don't want to damage the spines of the books.

Your word this week is from Skippy by Percy Crosby, published in 1929. The above illustration is from the book and also by Percy Crosby. The word is:


Kind of like you, word-nerds.

P.S. Who's doing The Crazy and taking on NaNoWriMo this year?