100 Words Writing Prompt #351

100 Word Challenge writing promptWoke to a rushing wind rattling the windows, and downstairs found two doors blown open, their aging latches no match for the push and pull of the wind. A stepladder fallen over in the yard, and shivery, wet cats waiting for their breakfast.

Over the weekend I accompanied my mother, the florist, to a wedding in order to photograph the flowers for her website, which I'm building. The bride and groom, the entire family, were bright, lovely people. The kind of wedding that makes you believe in love as a fundamental truth.

Bride Bouquet

I hoped to take a drive over the mountain to photograph the Fall foliage, but alas, the weather foiled me. The wind today will have stripped the trees of most of their color, so now I have no choice but to wait patiently for another Autumn.

Instead I organized the kitchen, and watched sappy movies based on true stories with unlikely heroes, and period movies of betrayals and political maneuverings.

Your word this week is the title of one of those movies:


Now I'm off to read your entries from last week! Go forth and write, word-nerds.