100 Words - Week 317

100 Word Challenge writing promptSitting in front of a waning fire, too cold, tired, and sore to bother with tending it. We spent the weekend preparing for the Super Bowl, watching the Super Bowl, and recovering from the Super Bowl.

I made a simple but hearty lasagna soup that was a runaway hit with our guests. I found the recipe earlier in the Fall and immediately fell in love with how easy it is to prep, how quickly it gets to the table, and how warming and filling it is.

Lately I've been having vivid and strange anxiety dreams. Last night I dreamt a mother with a highly successful and important career, living in an overly large house with her children. Overwhelmed and strung out she hired me to help her manage. Yet everything I tried, failed. There seemed to be no stopping the momentum of karmic repercussion, though it all seemed rather muddy what she could be being punished for. The lights - all the fixtures and bulbs - kept busting in odd ways, throwing room after room into darkness, and I couldn't keep up with caring for the children and fixing the busted lights.

I'm sure there are several websites where I could look up the meaning of this dream (and someday I'll tell you my story about dream interpretation adventures with a schoolbus driving, Richard Simmons look-alike), but I've learned that the meaning of dreams make themselves pretty clear if you pay attention. I don't see how there can be universal meanings when the unconscious is so personal. If there are archetypes, surely they are of the cultural consciousness.

Either way, your word this week, should you choose to accept the 100 word challenge, is: