100 Words and Treasure Hunting

Put on your party hats and ready your pens. The 100 Words challenge has returned to roost.

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Remember, I won't be making official selections this time around so please take care of each other with comment love, encouragement, and critiques where constructive.

I've spent the last several months treasure hunting at auctions, in wayside antique shops along back roads, and wherever else I can tuck my nose in for a peek. Finds like this is what the treasure hunter lives for.

Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag Shawl Straps 1872 First Edition Book Binding

I found this first edition Louisa May Alcott at a "pick sale" book auction. Some day I'll tell you about THAT experience.

Louisa May Alcott Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag Volume II First Edition 1872

First Edition 1872 Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag Cover Page

Louisa May Alcott Book Plate

Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag First Edition Book Plate

I'll be selling this first edition in an upcoming auction in order to support my Patricia Coomb's habit. I intend to have a first edition of all 20 of the Dorrie the little witch series.

But of course, this week's challenge must come from this book.