Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge!


The 100 Word Challenge is a weekly writing challenge for writers.  And by "writers", I mean those who call themselves writers, aspiring writers, closet writers, those writers who don't dare call themselves a writer, those who read and wish -- I mean YOU, whoever you are.

The Rules are Loose. I throw you a word at the beginning of the week (Monday night), and you take up the challenge to write exactly 100 words in response to the one-word prompt. That's it.  Write 100 words however you like.  Make it a long haiku, write 100 random words that you associate with the prompt in no particular order, write a short vignette, tell a true story, relate it to your day, describe the word, use the word or imply the word -- it's up to you!

Post your entry on your blog/website, and add your link to the list on the current week's prompt.

The challenge closes on Saturday at midnight EST.

Some Other Helpful Suggestions

Through trial and error I've discovered some things that you should do that will ensure I find your post, others find your post, and you get some feedback.

  • Make use of the neat linky tool at the bottom of the prompt post. It's super-easy and ensures your post will be found and read.
  • If you're way cool you'll also add the linky code to your 100 word blog post, creating a blog hop!
  • Title your piece (this makes the difference between "click here" and "Your Compelling Post Title That Will Pique Readers' Curiosity".
  • Provide a link back to this page or that week's challenge post so your readers can see what others are doing, see comments, and join in if they'd like to!  (Also, this is good blog etiquette.  You're welcome.)
  • Getting Feedback - If you're using blogger, I can't comment on your blog unless you offer the "Name/URL" option, or add a plug-in to allow me to use my Twitter account. I notice that those blogs without these settings get much fewer comments and feedback on their #100words posts, so I'm not the only one in this boat. 

What's in it for You

Aside from the challenge of writing exactly 100 words on a prompt (more challenging than you think!), what more could there be?

  • A growing group of other writers whose eyeballs, feedback, and support will descend upon your blog.
  • Heck, something to write about when you're drawing a blank.  Save the challenge for those days, or schedule it if that's more your fancy.

What's the current prompt? 

The prompt for 05/18/15 - 05/23/15 is REVERENCE. You can find it here, at the bottom of the post.

Happy Writing!